Thrasher SK8 Rock #12 CD

Image of Thrasher SK8 Rock #12 CD


Its been 13 years since the last volume was released and this one won’t be on cassette. Thrasher Magazine Presents: Skate Rock Vol. 12, “Eat The Flag” will be released on DualDisc with one side of audio and the other side DVD.

The audio side will contain new songs from Alkaline Trio, Millencolin, Only Crime, Riverboat Gamblers, The Heartaches (feat. Kristian Svitak), Gnarkill (feat. Bam Margera), U.S.S.R (feat. Tony Trujillo) and Die Hunns (feat. Duane Peters).

The DVD side features a visual documentary that captures the what, when, and how skateboarding became so important to rock and vice versa along with interviews from Duane Peters, Tony Trujillo, and Steve Caballero. Also included are 3 songs from Turbonegro’s performance at the 2004 Thrasher Magazine Skater Of The Year Awards.